Trauma Integration

Unresolved trauma is the access point to deep healing. Because I specialize in working with trauma, this is usually the first thing I ask about with clients. Where has there been trauma in your life? An accident, abuse, death or loss? Trauma is anything that has happened to you that was too emotionally, physically, or psychologically overwhelming to process. The unresolved energy or memory of the trauma stays stuck in the nervous system and in the physical tissue of the body. Sometimes symptoms of unresolved trauma are obvious and sometimes more subtle. If a traumatic event happened when you were very young, you may not remember it with your mind, but the body will remember nonetheless. When you are living with unresolved trauma, it can seem nearly impossible to feel safe in your own skin, not to mention connected to your truth, strength, and aliveness.

It is possible to “dis-charge” the energy of past trauma that is held in the body so that a more resourced and relaxed experience of the present is available. I utilize Body-centered Psychotherapy, and EMDR in working with trauma. The process begins by helping you tap into your inner resources, strengths, and inherent wellness. By firmly anchoring this connection and by honoring the body’s wisdom, trauma resolution happens in a safe and organic way.

I value this work as some of the most sacred work to be done, and feel honored to assist clients in this journey. Your body, mind, and heart know the path toward healing. Sometimes it takes sitting with a skilled guide in a safe space to allow the healing process to unfold.