Constellation Work

Family Constellation Work is a systems approach to healing, that brings into clear focus ancestral entanglements, family of origin issues, and karmic imprints in a way that just talking about them does not. Constellation work relies upon the wisdom of the “Field”, to inform the re-organization of unhealthy patterns so that you can move into a more expanded state – increased love, connection, creativity, and thriving. I offer individual Constellation sessions.

Systems Approach

Systems thinking is based on the perspective that parts of a system are best understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems, rather than in isolation.

When a person manifests symptoms that interfere with their well being, this method of healing involves looking at the dynamics, processes, and relationships between all parts within the whole to see where things have gotten entangled or stuck, rather than just at that individual.

In a family system, dysfunctional patterns of relating, addictive tendencies, unresolved traumas, and repressed emotions, are passed down through the lineage. As children we imprint these patterns as part of our identity, and out of loyalty and love for our families and ancestors will “take on” unresolved energies that have their roots in the generations preceding us.

The Field

The “Field” is in reference to energy, resonant frequencies, and the relational dynamics between people and environments. It holds memories, possibilities, and the intelligence that drives living systems to evolve. For more on The Field and Constellation Work, see this video with Rupert Sheldrake.

Bert Hellinger

Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger. In the process of developing this work, Bert Hellinger discovered what he called “Orders of Love”.

A family system, or any living system, has its own natural laws or principles of order. When this natural order is in place, health, love, and joy are naturally present. When that order is disrupted, issues or blocks to the healthy flow of love and connection arise, as the system attempts to balance itself. The effects are likely to be felt by subsequent generations.

Family constellation work is a process which allows a system to “right itself.”According to Bert Hellinger the health of a family system is restored when each of its members takes their appropriate place, or role in the family, without intervening in another’s destiny.

Most personal and relational difficulties, result from the confusion in a family system that occurs when certain members unconsciously take on the problems, struggles, and unresolved issues of another person within the system, often someone who lived in the distant past. This results in certain issues being repeated throughout generations.